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We are team of professional photographers and videographers. We have a combined 10 years experience in wedding,modeling, portrait, and event photography. We have good collection of digital cameras and accessories that will make your moment immortal. Our live photography mobile photo studio booth comes to you and your event, hence our slogan. “We’ll bring you the moon.” Really, we have a moon, should you chose to use it. Our live photo booth is customizable, personal, fun and a great party starter! Call or email us today for a free consult.

Our Services

Wedding Photography

Wedding is such a solemn occasion which everybody is fond of turn backs the pages and refreshes the sweet memories. During the last decades we were unavoidable presence in such occasion. Someone with skill, ingenuity and experience should be assigned to capture such very important events. Be it a family gathering, public event, corporate meeting the moment to be snapped is the skill and judgement of the photographer.We are using NIKON 300, NIKON 800 and CANON MARK II to make your event immortal.

Wedding Videography

We cover the event using one or more cameras. The unit is self-sufficient, that is to say that any accessories like light or microphones need to be supplimentd.The event is covered using SONY NX5 and CANON MARK II one of the best of its kind. We have the latest hardware and software for image and video editing. Editing is done on EDIUS 6 and LINER video editing. We shoot your wedding video in filmy style. Camera mounted on jib crane on stage to avoid crowd in front of Mandapam.

Album Printing and Binding

Your digital wedding album is beautifully designed with detailed graphics that compliment your photographs. We have hi-Tech and advance machines for album printing and binding. This rarely available machines will make your album LIVE.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography will be carried out in your own home, or a location of your choice. Photographs can be formal or informal or a mixture of the two. Professional, portable, studio lighting equipment will be used as required.

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Our Team

Photography Team
Specialist in photography +91- 97 27 700 905
-Specialist in candid photography & portrait
Vijay Panchani
-Specialist in wedding ceremony photography
-Special effective photographer
Prashant Lakhani
-Specialist in outdoor photography
Hiren Ramani
-Specialist in outdoor photography
-Specialist in outdoor photography
Videography Team
Specialist in Videography +91- 97 27 400 905
Mukesh D. Nakrani
-Specialist in Videography
-Video grapher
Umesh Patel
-Video grapher
Vipul D. Nakrani
-Video grapher
Editing Team
Kantilal Devani
-Photo editor
Chirag Devani
-Photo editor
Chirag Trapasiya
-Photo editor
Krupal Pansuriya
-Video editor
-Video editor